Inside the Mind of HCSK Professionals

De Ene Zijn Dood is de Ander Zijn Brood, or One Man’s Death is Another Man’s Living. The public has a great fascination with murder, carried out by people whom we trust in situations in which we are helpless. Here are two books which capitalize on this: Inside the Minds of Health-Care Serial Killers by Katherine Ramsland; and Engelen des doods (Angels of Death), by Paula Lampe.

Some further links: Katherine Ramsland’s blog, commercial site, and article on female HCSKs, on courtTV Crime Library (Turner Entertainment, Time Warner). Katherine has removed the awful picture and terrible tales about Lucia de Berk from that page, for which I am very grateful. Katherine (degrees in forensic and clinical psychology, and a novelist) attributes her information on Lucia de Berk to Paula Lampe (Dutch, ex-nurse and amateur pschologist). Paula is one of the coauthors of the major scientific paper on this topic, Serial Murder by Healthcare Professionals J. Forensic Sci. (2006). The lead author of that paper, Beatrice Yorker, is Dean of Health and Human Services at the State University of California, Los Angeles. Beatrice (who has degrees in nursing and in law) has appeared on a TV show (also a Time Warner production), warning us of the frightening epidemic.

Concerning the Lucia de Berk case, all these authors rely on information about the case which since has been thoroughly discredited. Retired FBI profiler Alan C. Brantley, who gave evidence on serial killers at the trial, later wrote this article about the case in the FBI’s law enforcement bulletin, Januari 2005. It repeats much of the gossip about Lucia which was greedily reported in national and international media at the time of the trials.

Epilogue: 21 December, 2015:

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